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    Isoterma WHO WE ARE

ISOTERMA is set up in 2014 in Lomazzo, Como.

We offer our Clients a unique technical and engineering consultancy in the Energy and Safety Management.
We are a young company, that relies on the long and strong past experience of its people. In fact each of its founders and employees has developed an unparalleled through and wide experience in this sector.
ISO 9001The territory we cover is Lombardy and the whole Po Valley area.
We are ISO 9001 certified.


We like to think of a world that preserves the Environment and of entrepreneurs who responsibly exploit its resources.


Our Mission is to guarantee Quality and a Professional approach in the Energy and Safety Management of our Clients’ businesses.


In Isoterma there are no hierarchies, neither fixed hours nor overtime and works are assigned based on competence and availability. From the entry level we apply a rewarding system to those who work well and passionately and give an excellent performance in a spirit of collaboration and company identity.
Our Clients experience right away a direct relationship with us, a lasting one because this is based on mutual respect. We believe that good energy feeds on trust and this is our daily commitment.

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